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Succulent Care

Succulents are an extremely easy to care for plant. These desert natives thrive in dry conditions. The varieties that we use in our compositions can be grown inside or out. We believe instead of sending cut flowers that will only last a week, send one of our plantings that will continue to grow!


Grow your plants in bright sunlight inside or out


Grow your plants in an area with no natural sunlight

Let the plant dry out between waterings (may be every 1 - 2 weeks depending on its locations)

Over water your plants (the center will turn black and leaves will become mushy and fall off)

Cut off any brown/dried leaves or tips with sharp scissors

Let your plants become leggy (may not be getting enough sunlight)

Take cuttings! Pinch off pieces of your plants between leaf nodes or grab a full rosette and replant in cactus soil for new plants

Overgrow your plants in their container. Take cuttings! Or repot in a larger container with cactus mix (well draining soil)

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